Cristy Polutnik

CEO & Founder

Cristy, the effervescent 30-year-old CEO and Founder of, is a testament to the power of dreams and unyielding determination. With a background as diverse as hers, she truly exemplifies the modern-day, versatile entrepreneur.Formerly a flight attendant based in the Middle East for seven years, Cristy spent her time soaring through the skies, traversing cultural boundaries, and developing an exceptional ability to adapt and thrive in changing circumstances. These experiences not only honed her remarkable resilience but also enriched her with a unique global perspective, a quality that would later become instrumental in her entrepreneurial journey.Swapping the airline industry's hustle and bustle for the world of startups, Cristy founded with an ambitious vision: to revolutionize how businesses source virtual assistance. With her leadership, the company has quickly carved out a niche in providing comprehensive virtual support services. Offering everything from general virtual assistance to specialized services like copywriting, digital marketing, design, and web development, is a one-stop-shop for businesses seeking to enhance their operations through outsourcing.Cristy's ethos has always been about making the complicated, simple. She leverages her knack for problem-solving and her hands-on experience with multicultural teams to ensure finds the perfect virtual assistant match for any business need. As a result, startups and business owners who have struggled to find top-tier virtual assistance now have a reliable partner in her professional pursuits, Cristy continues to be an inspiration for young women across the globe. She is living proof that with hard work, passion, and a bit of entrepreneurial spirit, one can transform their life trajectory and create something meaningful and impactful. As the driving force behind, Cristy is not just reshaping the virtual assistance landscape – she's setting a new standard for it.